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Test but don't lose focus

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Side project tips

  1. Take time to investigate new technology, but don’t lose focus on your main thing. Suhail shipped @tunesproject, an NFT in the music space, and immediately refocused on MightyApp.
  2. Avoid cargo culting and looking to your peers for validation. If 90% of IndieHackers fail to generate revenue, then why should you be doing what the average IndieHacker is doing? (listen to this great podcast)
  3. Garry Tan had a great tweet this morning (see below). Start today and try to think in decades. A thing to keep in mind: it won’t likely be obvious why you should stick with it for the first year.

Web dev

  1. Next.js Conf is 43 days away! Sign up to claim your ticket. Over 8,000 people have registered as of this writing (check out my ticket.)
  2. Be careful when naming and making API decisions, they might end up set in stone:
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