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3-2-1 Tech - Issue #13

published9 months ago
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A sneak peek into my project launching later this month — Bootstrap1000, three motivational tweets, and reminders about SEO and security.

Three Startup tips

The tips this week are largely some of my personal highlights from the last week of Twitter.

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Daniel Vassallo
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November 6th 2021

I really enjoy a lot of Daniel’s tweets, but this one really stood out to me. Why? He’s marrying the idea of VC and bootstrapping; concepts that normally are seen as polar opposites.

Daniel preaches that placing lots of (diversified) small bets is a great way to earn a living on the internet. There are a ton of details in that, but this tweet serves as a nice summary of his philosophy.

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Jordan O'Connor
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November 4th 2021

Jordan made Closet Tools, an app to help sellers on Poshmark. I’ve been reading his blog posts for quite a while. His advice here really reminds me of the stair step method by Rob Walling.

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Reilly Chase ☁️☁️☁️
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I was fired from my job making $95K per year Now I make $95K every month…
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Reilly Chase ☁️☁️☁️
I was fired from @sentinelsti for making @hostifi_net and @ghostifi_net in my free time Now I'm going full-time on my products I have 1 year of savings to make this transition
November 1st 2021

I’ve always been inspired by Reilly’s story, but this tweet is very motivating. Imagine making your entire salary in one month on your own terms 🤯

Two Articles

PSA: Core Web Vitals for Desktop will soon impact your Google Search ranking and general SEO.

Another PSA: please enable 2FA for your npm account. Why? Two heavily used packages in the JavaScript world were published with malicious code in them.

One update

My project is starting to come together, but it’s not ready for a public launch.

Since y'all are on the newsletter mailing list though, you can have a sneak peek:

A few questions for you after you check those out:

  1. Does the challenge resonate with you?
  2. What questions do you have about the challenge?
  3. Would you join the challenge?

Respond to this email or DM me on Twitter with your answers :)

I’m doing a full launch on Twitter later this month after I’ve improved the Bootstrap1000 site a bit more & honed in the blog post copy.

See you on the other side,