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3-2-1 Tech - The Next Issue #12

published9 months ago
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Tips from MicroConf local, the future of the web, and the Bootstrap 1000 challenge.

Three side project tips

This week’s tips are from MicroConf Local speeches by Tropical MBA’s Dan Andrews, Asia Orangio of DemandMaven, and Rob Walling & his wife, Dr. Sherry Walling.


Dan’s talk hit home for me the most. “Strategies to Go From Side Project to Full Time and Beyond” was entirely focused on getting past the roadblocks that side projects consist of.

Two takeaways:

“Side projects, executed aggressively, turn into full-time projects”

“9 out of 10 small businesses (projects) fail. Launch 10.”


Asia has advice that waaay more bootstrappers should be following. Her talk was titled “Uncovering Your Best Growth Opportunities”, so here’s your friendly reminder to actually market your products.

Two takeaways:

“We rob our growth all the time by obsessing over KPIs, focusing on lagging indicators, and looking for ‘silver bullets”.

“What was your prospect doing right before they {insert CTA here}?”

Asia does an amazing job of creating approachable marketing advice for founders. She has an amazing podcast for getting started & offers services through DemandMaven if you already have some traction.

Self-reflection Rob and Sherry came up with a list of the habits of successful entrepreneurs they know.

Two takeaways:

“Think in years, not months.”

Focus, avoid shiny object syndrome.

While this list had seven items, these two stuck out most. A reminder to be patient and to focus was exactly what I needed to hear.

Bonus: Microconf just published the recording of this talk as a podcast: MicroConf On Air (

Two articles

I’d be lying if I said I’ve thought about anything except Next.js Conf this week, so our articles will focus on Next.js. If you’re new to Next.js, consider reading one of my older articles: Why Next.js (update coming soon).

Conf announcements

I’m keeping this to two links, even though the first link is a Twitter thread full of other links (I know, kinda cheating, sorry not sorry).

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We're building the SDK for the Web. Live highlights from our Keynote at
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Next.js Conf 2021
The first global user conference for Next.js. An interactive online experience by the community, fre...
October 26th 2021

Related: I helped ship the Vercel Edge Functions page, check it out.

Next.js 12

The list of changes in Next 12 is insane. It’s setting the stage for the future of web dev. Check it out!

One update from me

I’ve been working on a blog post that will impact the next 1000 days of my life, and potentially yours as well.

The speech from Rob and Sherry really hit home and is inspiring me to be more disciplined in my bootstrapping journey.

More details coming soon. For now, here’s the logo:

Bonus Tweet

Too many interesting links from this week so here’s an extra Twitter thread. If you really want to know what the future of the web looks like, check out this thread from Shu.

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Shu Ding
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October 26th 2021

Have a great week!

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